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Main Actors

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Ministry of Defence (MoD), and the Ministry of Interior play the key roles in cooperating in a WGA-like fashion. Here, one should note that Slovakia’s development aid is administered by an agency within the MFA, so there is no equivalent to a department for international aid and development. Furthermore, the country’s National Security Council plays only a marginal role in crisis intervention abroad in addition to having no right of initiative and no real coordination role. Even when it does debate deployments, instead of genuinely pressing for a WGA effect, it merely serves to clear up any differences among the various ministries involved regarding the modalities of deployment.
In practice, fairly intense but informal consultations – mainly between the MoD and the MFA – usually precede deployments of armed units (as is discussed in more detail below). These consultations serve to discuss whether and how the proposed deployment serves Slovakia’s foreign policy priorities and sometimes to inspire other departments to get involved, as well. In theory, the aforementioned coordination council that manages the deployment of civilian experts abroad could serve to bring about a more comprehensive approach to crisis management. However, according to insiders, it does not do so in practice. Instead, the ministries tend to decide on their own who they want to deploy and where, and they merely use to council to gain the pro forma approval of other ministries.
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